24/02/2012 05:58

        Mandal level TLM held on 26/02/2012. All schools in the mandal i.e. 53 schoools are presented thier Teaching learning meterial in 52 stalls at 10.00am. Mandal Educational Officer Sri M.VenkatRajiReddy inaugurated the mela at 11.00am.

        Some concepts:

  • Solar Water Heater(Working Model) Presented by Sri V.SrinivasReddy,SA(B.Sc),ZPHS Nemtoor
  • Water purification system(Working Model) Presented by Sri M.MadhusudanReddy,HM,PS Singaipally
  • Numeric concepts, even and odd numbers, prime numbers, composit numbers, additions, subtractions all in one TLM Presented by Sri A.Anjaneyulu,HM, PS Borragudem
  • Word builder(Telugu) Presented by Smt S.Sushma,HM, PS Mallareddypally
  • Science concepts inner parts of the body (models) Presented by Smt V.Srilaxmi,SGT, PS Dandupally
  • Presure of Water(WorkingModel) Presented by Y.Sukendar, HM,ZPHS Wargal
  • Roads and Trafic rules (Wargal Village Model) Presented by Sri M.Shyamsundarrao,HM, PS Jabbapur
  • Movements of Earth(WorkingModel) Presented by M.RatanKishori.